In Serious Poker, I give some capsule reviews of books I consider worthwhile. But there's lots to say about the poker literature, and occasionally I try to write down some coherent thoughts on books I've read. Here are some reviews I've written so far, with more to come. Note that some of these are reviews in the sense, not in the New York Review of Books sense. The short ones were originally written as contributions to my now-defunct poker book review archive, for which I was encouraging the submission of brief reviews. That archive is now defunct, due to lack of submissions.

Addams, Shay. The Poker Player's Software Guide

Allen, Richard. FoolProof

Alvarez, A. The Biggest Game in Town

Baldwin, Bobby. Tales of of Tulsa

Bass, Thomas A. The Eudaemonic Pie

Bennett, Rick. King of a Small World

Bradshaw, Jon. Fast Company

Brunson, Doyle. According to Doyle

Caro, Mike. The Body Language of Poker

Case, Justin. Percentage Hold'em

Childers, Jim "Cowboy." Life is a Game of Poker

Ciaffone, Bob. Improve Your Poker

Goodman, Robert. The Luck Business

Hautman, Pete. Drawing Dead

Holden, Anthony. Big Deal: A Year as a Professional Poker Player

Jones, Lee. Winning Low Limit Hold'em

Konik, Michael. The Man with the $100,000 Breasts

Krieger, Lou. Hold'em Excellence

McCumber, David. Playing Off the Rail: A Pool Hustlers Journey

May, Jesse. Shut Up and Deal

Malmuth, Mason. Gambling Theory and Other Topics

Malmuth, Mason. Poker Essays

Preston, Thomas Austin "Amarillo Slim" and Cox, Bill G. Play Poker to Win

Puzo, Mario. Fools Die

Reber, Arthur S. The New Gambler's Bible

Reuben, Stewart and Ciaffone, Bob. Pot-Limit and No-Limit Poker

Sklansky, David. Theory of Poker

Sklansky, David and Malmuth, Mason. Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players

Spanier, David. Inside the Gambler's Mind

Spanier, David. Total Poker

Spanier, David. The Little Book of Poker

Stowers, Carlton. The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson

Suzuki, Sylvester. Poker Tournament Strategies

Vorhaus, John. The Pro Poker Playbook

West, Roy. 7 Card Stud: The Complete Course in Winning at Medium and Lower Limits

Yardley, Herbert O. The Education of a Poker Player

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