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Here are links related to good old-fashioned print books and periodicals.

ConJelCo chuck weinstock's place, RGP's favorite place to shop
Gambler's Book Club/Shop the center of the gambling book world
Two Plus Two Publishing publisher of Sklansky, Malmuth, Zee, and Loomis
Poker Plus Publications publisher of West, McEvoy, Vorhaus, etc.
Wilson Software publisher of the Turbo series
D & B Publishing publisher of the "how good is your..." series
Card Player on-line edition of the omnipresent poker magazine
All In Magazine new magazine
Books and Reviews
Serious Poker by dan kimberg (i happen to like my own book, so sue me)
Internet Texas Hold'em matthew hilger's site
Intelligent Games sam braids's site for his book
Poker Book Review Archive my archive of book reviews is now defunct, sorry!
Nick Christenson's Gambling Book Reviews large archive of nick's thoughts on gambling books
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