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Here are some miscellanous poker resources, for everything from playing card images to poker simulation source code. and IRC Poker the newsgroup itself, one of the best on-line resources
Miscellaneous Poker Resources
RGP FAQ the first place to look for answers to your poker questions mark napolitano's ambitious (and so far successful) site from ken churilla, the web's best comprehensive poker index
pokersource efficient c code for evaluating poker hands by cliff matthews et al.
brecware steve brecher's hold'em showdown software
Wolf's Poker Page really nice single-page index
Jazbo's Poker Page atlantic city and atlarge info, trip reports, lots of nifty stuff
Gambler's Corner at ConJelCo a great collection of gambling-related links, from chuck weinstock commercial site with miscellaneous info
Card Images GPL'ed card images from oxymoron
SVG Cards david bellot's SVG code for card images
UKPoker poker in the uk
PokerBot Competition this mostly defunct site still has code and other stuff
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