In addition to my book, I've written a few articles on poker, mostly for my regular column in Card Player Magazine (called "Thinking About Poker"). Some of my columns are mildly technical, some are just for fun. You can find all of them via the links below. I've also listed links for a few other resources, including some spreadsheets and (soon) some code for running poker simulations.

Card Player Magazine (at
My Card Player Articles
Spreadsheets, code, etc.
record keeping spreadsheet (includes MLE sd calculations)
code for assessing "bunching" (coming soon)
code for estimating the expected number of callers (coming soon)
Short Pieces for
Dogs Playing Poker
Games for Satellite Junkies
Poker on the Brain, Part I
The Rock vs. The Hard Place
Poker Trash Talk
Online Columns
Your Volatility Index
Heads-up Freezeouts
quick links
online poker
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