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Links to Articles
Badger's Article Index great content from steve badger
PosEV some interesting articles by abdul and friends
Brian Alspach articles and tutorials on math and poker
Interviews with Champs from dana smith and poker plus publications, many interesting interviews
Essays by 2+2 authors essays by malmuth, sklansky, zee, and others
Maryann Gubermann via
Card Player archives from their magazine and the web site
McManus in Harper's jim mcmanus's wsop article in the dec 2000 harper's
Intelligent Gambler some nice articles in chuck weinstock's newsletter
Dan Kimberg my own archive of poker articles
Online Discussion Groups
2+2 malmuth, sklansky, et al.
The Poker Forum  
United Poker Forum mike caro's forum
Poker Legal Issues
Gambling and the Law lots of material from i. nelson rose chuck humphrey's site
Steve Badger badger's thoughts on the subject
More Discussion and Reading
U. Alberta Poker Research some academic projects from darse billings and company
Gary Carson's Page articles, book excerpts, and more from gary carson
Two Plus Two Gambling Forum discussion featuring sklansky, malmuth, and zee
Economic and Game Theory a nice game theory page from david k. levine
Game Theory Intro an incomplete on-line game theory book by roger a. mccain
NGISC National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) Report and Info
Interactive Gaming Council hmm... if you haven't read rgp lately, you're just not happening
Dick Taylor's Player's Guide the controversial guide to hold'em starting hands, postscript and html versions courtesy Todd Mummert
Frank R. Wallace the full text of wallace's bizarre book
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