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Welcome to SeriousPoker.com! This site is intended as a resource for serious (and would-be serious) poker players on the internet. If you're looking for fancy graphics, downloadable strip poker, or a list of games for Thursday night, then you probably won't like this site much. But if you're looking for web resources for the serious poker player, you've come to the right place.

I use this page instead of keeping poker-related bookmarks, and I try to keep it more or less up-to-date with links that would interest the serious player, as well as some local content. It's not intended to be exhaustive, it's intended to be useful. Feel free to let me know if you feel I'm missing something.

For commercial inquiries, please visit this page.

If you want to email me with questions about poker, please take the time to check out the available on-line resources first. That's what my pages (and many other fine poker pages) are there for. Your first stop for basic questions should be the RGP FAQ. If that fails, check a few books, ask a friend, ask around in your local cardroom, or post your question to the appropriate internet newsgroup. If you've done all of these things and you still haven't found the answer, chances are slim that I can help you, but feel free to drop me a line. The worst that can happen is that your email will get lost among all the junk mail.

If for some reason you want to know who I am, your best bet is to start with the poker bio I keep with the intro to my poker dictionary. Or you can see the kinds of things I put on my web site.

Dan Kimberg

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