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Perennial Favorites
RGP FAQ the first place to look for answers to your poker questions
Card Player tons of great articles
PokerPages tournament schedules, articles, and community caro-powered poker megasite
ConJelCo great place to buy poker books online
Worth Checking Out
Serious Poker my book, which happens to be a great way to get into poker
PokerPulse pretty nifty site summarizing online poker activity
Wednesday Night Poker andy glazer's newsletter archive
parttimepoker new online resource steve badger's site has lots of great content a nicely designed web gateway to
Brian Alspach's Pages tutorials and articles on poker math
Poker Top10 lists of poker stuff, thoughtfully assembled
PokerSavvy articles, tools, and discussion from jay greenspan and friends
poker images a fascinating archive of poker photos from the past and present
Canadian Poker dave scharf's site, includes articles and other things even non-canadians will enjoy
PokerInEurope interesting articles for anyone, with a european focus a hand-edited poker news archive from many sources
Poker on TV
WSOP on ESPN ESPN's official site
World Poker Tour official wpt site
WPT Travel Channel another apparently official wpt site on the travel channel site
Celebrity Poker Showdown bravo's entry in the growing poker-on-tv genre
Poker on TV is poker going mainstream? see what tourneys are playing this week this site searches tv listings for you
Miscellaneous Nonsense
The Simpsons homer holds the most powerful hand in poker
Peeps Play Poker you'll be sorry you clicked on this link
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